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This rules!. Perfect combo of drum and base along with great use of synths and vocals. You can really hear all the effort you put into perfecting the songs and it pays off big time. Keep on the good work.
David E Wexler Louisville, KY

Beautiful melody
The beginning of beat is really cool!!! I like the synth sound like trance. Totally, the sound is soft and pleasant to hear.

Kentaro Asai Tokyo

Really cool fx/treatments in this track. Didn’t actually look at the title of this song, but without this I did sense a stella vibe, so it is definitely aptly titled. Great stuff.
Caster T
Bristol UK

What they said about

Sophisticated. Real smooth and real nice. It’s got a lot of emotion in it. The piano is a nice touch. The strings are very nice as well. The dynamics and flow is real smooth throughout the whole song. It’s one of those ever-building pieces that is almost perpetual. This is a good song. A real good song.
DJ Tide
Colorado Springs, CO

A very well produced track..hats off to both of you, wicked sounds and groove going on.. Nice to hear good quality sounds from the UK…respect Chinx..
DJ Chink
UK Very cool chilled sounds boys. The perfect track to wake up to I’d say. Chilling in my front room with a coffee and listening to this audio beauty. This has a lot going on in there, which I completely love… Cool ambiance, bordering on an experimental tip, but pulling back in all the right ways to keep it a cracking tune

Bristol UK

What they said about

Great drum n bass here, love the chilled ambient background, lots of good elements, great drum n bass beats, enough variation to keep the groove going, it’s hard to listen to one 8 min song and get so damn great feel out of it like this one, a rare piece of awesome ambient drum n bass. TAF Queluz – PORTUGAL

Really nice work, this is a type of D’N’B that I like to listen a lot. Like the guitar echoes. It’s very much like LTJ Bukem would put on his compilations. Keep up the good work.

DJ spacey San Francisco, CA

I am really liking this track. I know what it’s like to make a track with this kind of length. In the moment, idea after idea, they don’t stop and the next thing you know you’ve got a wonderful song. I really like your style. Wonderful track, loved every minute.

Diamond D Plymouth, MN