Who is 2 Placid?

2 Placid comprises of two artists, Chris born in 1972 &
Steve born in 1968.

Chris & Steve are both married with young families & between the two of them have a huge music collection of CD’s & vinal numbering well into the thousands, their main influence coming from LTJ Bukem & Moby.

Back in the late 80’s early 90’s Steve was a dj doing chillout sets at many of the outdoor raves at that time. Chris was also playing out with his old house sets. After many years of playing other peoples tracks they decided to start making there own music.

In 2002 Steve decided that in order to produce music of any great quality a PC was required. So a PC was purchased along with a second hand mixing deck & a keyboard, soon after Steve & Chris decided to venture out into the music industry under the name of 2 Placid. Since the beginning of 2002 a lot of investment has gone into top of the range music programs as well as other auxiliary equipment. Steve has done some work with Dave Ford & 2 Placid has also made a backing track for the artist Shola Ama.

2 Placid have made quite a few tracks all of which are for sale directly from the Website but they are as yet unsigned independent artists.