Mitcham Reptile Rescue, Surrey. U.K.

A central UK data base of unwanted reptiles & homes waiting.

Mitcham Reptile Rescue was set up because there were to many people who thought it would be nice to have their own reptile after seeing such films as Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Jurassic park, Anaconda ect… without looking deep enough within themselves to do enough research like buying a book for a fiver before purchasing such an animal. Then there is the flip side of the coin, I’m talking about the retailers, there are so many people trying to make a quick buck selling cute little animals like little cuddly Iguanas which they fail to inform you will grow to six foot and beautiful Burmese pythons which I have personally seen on sale in a shop with a card underneath saying “Maximum size 15 feet long”. This is rubbish, females can grow up to THIRTY feet long. I bet most retailers don’t tell you that! There are a few retailers however (to few to my mind) who tell it how it is.
If you are reading this before purchasing a reptile do yourself a favor, spend £5 – £10 on a book about the prospective animal you are thinking of buying, after all you are going to spend between £80 – £200 if not more on the vivarium and setting it up properly. Please don’t go and buy an animal then start asking (on forums and such like) how to look after it. This is another thing that makes my blood boil and this is an example of a message I saw on a forum on the Internet. ” I’ve bought this snake. What does it eat and how often.” This and other basic information can all be found in books, I personally recommend the books that are published by TFH all of these books have everything you need to know about basic husbandry of the animal you are thinking of keeping.

Rescue. We started in 1995 & have rehomed many animals over the years but unfortunately due to the heavy financial burden of keeping & maintaining a decent level of care for all the animals we already have in our care, we have decided that we are not able to take in anymore unwanted reptiles, If however circumstances change in the future then hopefully we may be able to reverse this decision.

However because the level of unwanted reptiles continues to rise we have started a national data base on this site of all reptiles that need new homes & new homes that are waiting for unwanted reptiles.

E-mail me if you wish to be added to the data base or if you wish to be linked to this site.

Mitcham Reptile Rescue receives no outside funding. The food, housing & veterinary care is funded totally by myself. Please bear this in mind when adopting an animal from or through us.

Donations are always welcome no matter how small.

Me with Bobby The Bosc monitor.

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