Me main hobby is shooting. I am a FAC holder & Surrey Marksman.

I shoot at a local rifle club where they practice several different disciplines. .177/.22 air rifles/pistols, Black powder pistol & rifles, turning targets, running deer, .22 rim-fire .38 special .357 & 7.62mm rifles, Shotguns & Crossbows.
At the club I shoot .22 Prone rifle, .22 & 38 Carbine.

Below are the firearms that I own, it’s a growing collection.

CP Sport

The CP-S is a well styled polymer pistol with a metal slide and rifled steel barrel. It has new generation features like a full size CO2 magazine in the pistol grip, as wall as a tactical rail mount for lasers and sights. This pistol comes with a rotary 8 shot magazine. Windage adjustable rear sight. Manual safety on right side of slide.
Barrel Length -3.0″ Overall length-7.1″

This is an Anschutz, a typical .22 rim-fire bolt action single shot target rifle. With the scope this is used for outside target shooting. Indoor shooting is done with iron sights over 25 yards. I have an Anshutz 1807 for target shooting which is similar but without the thumbhole in the stock.

This is a Marlin under lever. This rifle is the modern remake of the old wests Winchester. It fires .38 rounds for indoor range shooting & .357 rounds for outside targets. I have a Rossi which is essentially the same, only it’s chromed.

This is my long barreled Parker Hale T4 7.62 Sniper rifle. This is shot at a range of between 200 & 1200 yards (1 mile) with iron sights. The target at 1200 yards is only 4′ square.

This is me next intended acquisition. Now you might be forgiven for thinking that this looks very similar to an AWP. The reason for this is that it is a 7.62 AWP. The Arctic Warfare Police is made by Accuracy International & is a highly accurate rifle. The AWM Arctic Warfare Magnum has a slightly better maximum range, but also fires a more expensive, larger caliber round. But with a price tag of £2,500 – £3,500 I might have to wait a little while longer.

This is me in March 2003 shootin me 7.62 Parker Hale on the 200 yard short Siberia range at the national shooting center at Bisley Camp in Surrey. Like every good Sniper, the guy next to me looking down the scope is me spotter, he calls the wind & any adjustments that need to be made to me sights. At this short distance it is quite easy to get V bull after V bull as I did on this day.

This is me in June 2003 cleaning my Parker Hale T4 after shooting at 1000 yards on Stickledown range at Bisley.