Budget Website Services | Link Partner Service

A link partner is the owner or manager of another website that has a link to your website on their links page. In return for them adding a link on their website for you, you add a link on your website for them, you then become link partners. You are not obliged to link to any website that you do not wish to link to, but then don’t expect a link back…

Why are links important?

Good link popularity can dramatically increase traffic to your web site. Most of the major search engines now factor link popularity into their relevancy algorithms. So by increasing the number of quality, relevant sites which link to your website, you can greatly improve your search engine rankings. There is no one “secret trick” to getting good rankings, but boosting your website’s popularity through linking may give you the edge over other websites. Selecting quality links is an important part of any web site promotion effort.

What is the link partner service?

This is a service that we offer for people that do not have enough time to look for other websites to link to, and to ask for links from. We will look for link partners for you, and ensure that your website link is placed on other websites. We never ask for link partners from link farms, as this can hurt your search engine ranking.

The cost of this service is just £15.00 per 50 links or £25.00 per 100 links.
(£10 discount for customers that have a full website built by Budget Website Services.)