Snake da Sniper’s links

Me hobbies.

Animals Shooting Fishing Modified motors Loud music in me motor On-line gaming CS Model making Website design World Flight The wife Ladies


Not neccessarily all in that order.

My web design company.

My moaning about my current ISP Tiscali
(no picture? You’ll understand when you get there)

2 Placid is an artist that I manage & we will soon be having a hit.

The Rifle club that I shoot at.

The name says it all. A bunch of crazy guys (including myself) sitting in a shed for a week flying a replica Boeing cockpit for Children’s charities.

The world of feet or according to feet? I haven’t managed to work out which one?
This site belongs to a man that has very big feet & a zany outlook on life.

My on-line gaming Counter Strike clan that I play for.